Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

~Mike drove me to work, where I had almost 45 minutes to myself. I used the time to cleanup graphics I use in the bulletins & newsletters. Ms. Jeannine came in around 10:30am to do the few edits to the bulletins. Her & Fr. jim then went to a luncheon, so I was, again, by myself until Chuck came in for the Food Pantry. We handed out 14 bags. I took the cart back over to the storage room & made a grocery list. Fr. Jim brought me back a slice of chocolate cake from the luncheon! He knows me too well!! I did get all the bulletins done & spent the rest of the afternoon cleanig up more graphics. Mike came up & watered the trees.
~Date Nite: Warmups followed by timed drills with combined strong-hand/weak-hand, then shooting on the move after the break with multiple targets & shooting from retention. Good times!

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