Thursday, March 24, 2011


I got these "pearls" for $1.99 at the Family Thrift Center for my "Pretty in Pink" costume. I don't know if they are real or not. They were heavier than the obvious plastic ones & the clasp is old-style. Either way, I like the graduated size & would wear them again.

~Mike took me to work. I got the bulletins done & 250 more labels on the church pamphlets. We gave away 20 bags at the Food Pantry. Mike watered the trees.

~Date Nite: After warmups, we did timed shooting. I.5, & 1.7,respectively. I do better if I slow down & go over it in my head(shoot 2, reload,shoot 2). I need to adjust my stance a bit to get my sights on target sooner. It's always a good night if I learn something!


  1. They might be worth getting appraised. How great would it be if they are real. When I'd get cheap pearl necklaces as a kid, my older brother always found it necessary to prove that my pearls were not real, by scratching off the pearly outer layer with his teeth. Not sure if that's a real way to tell or not, but there might be something online that would tell you how to tell the difference. :-)

  2. They are really pretty and I hope they are real. Again, you never know what you will find at thrift stores.

    I think there is a way to check if they are real or not but I don't know how. I agree, you can probably find it online.

    LI Roe

  3. Turns out they're not real, but just as pretty!