Monday, March 28, 2011

DaVinci Syrup

A great sugar-free way to sweeten coffee. Mike uses this in the morning(raspberry)/evening(caramel) mocha drinks he makes me. I also use it to make Sweet Cream Cheese spread(1/3 fat cream cheese+2Tbsp syrup). Sadly, I can only find 3-4 (it comes in 50!) in grocery stores of the sf flavors. It is heavy,so the cost of shipping makes it prohibitive to mail-order.

~I did my normal Monday morning stuff, I just had Mike chauffeur me around! Big Lots for soup, loading food bags at the Food Pantry, Hobby Lobby for a skein of I Love This Yarn Dark Olive(used the last of my $25 gift card) & Goodwill. Mike got a shirt & used a "senior-55" discount for the first time ever! I have always told him that's why I married him-to get the senior discount 13 years early!!

~Back home, I made a pan of fudge brownies. After lunch, we went to Susan's to see what is needed to get her a/c up & running. Mike plans to do it tomorrow.

~I have to admit that i watched trash TV & took a nap!

~I worked on the Rainbow rr lap blanket, finishing off the purple.

~We watched 3 more episodes of Justified Season 1.


  1. I do love the DaVinci syrup, and it has Splenda instead of Aspartame (I'm allergic to aspartame), so its a win win situation! <3 Which flavors are you able to find?? What do you use the spread on?? Sounds yummy. :-)

  2. I am able to find raspberry, caramel, hazlenut, vanilla & chocolate at Walmart & Albertsons. They do carry it at Cost Plus World market, I just don't go that far downtown.
    I use the Sweet Cream Cheese spread on homemade muffins & on flatbreads.

  3. This stuff is great, my husband's aunt and uncle used to have a coffee shop and they used this same stuff in their coffees!

  4. I love the Coconut,but don't find it very often.

  5. Some days are absolutely meant for trash TV ! I'll have to try the Da vinci Syrup....I'll have to put it on my big city shopping list

  6. LOL,Lea!"20 best/worst plastic surgerys"