Friday, March 25, 2011

Hat Sold!!

Sedona Hat in Fuzzy Olive/Black sold to Dina in CA(repeat customer)

~Mike is on vacation! We get to spend the day together!! We went to the big Goodwill on San Mateo. Mike got a floral cover shirt. I got a pair of boots, some yarn & a cover shirt. At Savers, I got a sleeveless shirt. At Thriftown, Mike got a man chair. It's okay,though,because it is the same evergreen color as some of the fabric in the wall quilt. We were done by noon.

~Back home, I made bacon, swept the floors and did 2 loads of laundry.

~I worked on the Rainbow rr lap blanket.

~We had bacon cheeseburger wraps for supper & watched 3 more episodes of Justified.


  1. I am always impressed at how much you sell! I have trouble selling anything hehehe lovely hat!

  2. Thanks,Cris!
    It has taken about 10 years of consistant selling to establish myself on Ebay.

  3. Your hats are absolutely beautiful and I love the colors you find that I have never seen.
    I do have a Big Lots by me and have bought some of the Gala yarn for $1 also. Lately though, they haven't had too much. A few years ago I bought a lot of RedHeart Soft yarn (not the ones that are recent). You never know what you will find there.

    Keep up the good work.

    LI Roe

  4. LI Roe, the hat above is a combo of sport-weight unknown black yarn & a strand of RedHeart Symphony.