Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday-October 15

Sedona Hat in Claret/Taupe sold to D'Arcy in NY
Girly Hat in Ebony/Ivory sold to Audrey in AZ
Durango Hat in Wood Violet
Durango Hat in Alpaca Ebony
The two Durango Hats were sold to Jason in TX.
~I went to the Family Thrift Center 1/2-price Halloween sale. I got a zip hoodie, 3 long-sleeve shirts & a pair of lace-top socks. I also went to Goodwill,but didn't find anything.
~When I unlocked the door, Callie Cat was by the front window on her "kitty condo". She jumped down ,came right to me & let me rub her! She followed me into the utility room & continued to rub on me while I filled her bowls.
~I stopped by Albertson's & got a few groceries.
~Back home, I made Bahama Mama Bars.
~I worked on a special-order Garland of Blossoms scarf in Auburn University colors of burnt orange, white & navy.
~Mike actually got off at his regular time of 4:30pm. There are 2 more counter guys at Napa. We enjoyed our evening!


  1. I love the flower on the black hat. Is there a pattern for that anywhere? I was hoping to make myself a hat this winter and that is a gorgeous little accessory.

  2. Thanks! You may email me at for purchase info.