Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scarf Sold!!

Garland of Blossoms scarf in Black/Multicolor sold to Shelly in TN.

~The GoB scarf I sold yesterday actually had 3 bids on it,with it going to the highest bidder. I then sent second-chance offers to the other 2 bidders. So far one took me up on it. It is the same pattern,but each one is unique because the blossom colors are random.

~Busy all day at work. Chuck came in to fill out a request forms for money from the Northwest Deanery for the Food Pantry. I eamil a copy & printed out 8 more copies for snail-mailing. I worked on bulletins & Prayers of the People. I also did more stewardship stuff.

~Callie Cat was still hiding under the bed & didn't follow me this time.

~I worked on blossoms for a scarf.

~Mike closed the store.

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