Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hats & Scarves Sold!!

Tweed Tassel Scarf in Royal/Multi sold to Dawn in SC
Garland of Blossoms Scarf #3 in Black/Multi sold to Glenda in TX.
Sedona Hat in Mossy Greens
Wenatchee Hat in Grey Heather/Cool Pearls.
Modern Flapper Hat in Flame/Midnight
All the above hats sold to Andrew in KS.
~I am attempting to dye my slate cargo pants(with the red stain)to black. I'll let you know how it goes.
~I spent about an hour yard-saling by myself, but didn't find anything.
~Lucy, Anne & I met for an hour for Prayer Shawl Ministry. I worked on the Stained Glass lap blanket.
~I feed Callie Cat,whom I did not see.
~Checked my pants. They are BLACK! The stitching & buttons are still slate gray. They are in the dryer now. Will update when they're dry.
~Update the cargo pants are now dry. They are charcoal gray & look AWESOME!!!
~I attended an 80th birthday party for Jan. She was surprised!!
~I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening making flowers for Garland of Blossom scarves. I went through the Pinks & Whites.

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