Thursday, October 28, 2010

Strong Women

Your personal safety is up to you-not the police, your father/boyfriend/husband/brother, surely not the president. Get training,be strong!

~I mistakenly called in the wrong hours for our organist on Monday & had to call the treasurer in to write her a check for the balance. Ms Jeannine will be coming in from now on to do bulletin edits. I got them folded/printed/stuffed. During a Stewardship meeting, a guy that has been coming around alot for the past 2 weeks(he lives in a group home for mentally challenged people) got beligerant & told Fr. Jim he was going to throw himself in front of a car! We had to call the police & EMT to have him removed. Sad. 18 bags were given away at the Food Pantry.
~Date Nite-shot the Ruger SP 101 for the first half of the night. It took a little while, but I did pretty good. I switched back to my Kahr K9 for the rest of the evening. I drew from the cover of my blazer, but still found the shoulders too tight to get a good draw. Will have to wear my vest for shooting practice from now on.

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