Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hats Sold!!

Sedona Hat in Dipped Chocolate/Midnight Swim
Tweed Beanie in Grey Heather/Light Pine
Both hats sold to Brenda in MI

~Mike took me to work. At the office, Ms. Jeannine came in to help with bulletin edits. I got readings printed out, but had to wait on a few thigs for the bulletins. Mr. Troy came in for his monthly Brothers of the Hood paperwork. He brought me a HUGE sweet roll from Frontier Restaurant! I did, finally get the bulletins done. I spent the rest of the afternoon designing a template to go with a name badge kit, which I made up for the Mutual Ministry review on Saturday. Fr. Jim gave me my one-year evaluation. I got all Exceeds Expectations!! Mike came up & water the trees. We delivered a bag of groceries from the Food Pantry to a home-bound parishioner.

~I ate that sweet roll, it was nummy!!

~Date nite: After warmups, we shot the rest of the night in the dark with flashlights, at 3 & 7 yards. The key is to light up the target just enough to identify it, mainly what is in the hands. I purposely let my gun run empty so I could practice reloading, with and without the flashlight. After break, we went down range & shot from 1 yard, with the flashlight, from retention, 2 body shots, took one step back & shot extended, 1 to the head. We then did 3 shots to the body, low light, with Randy controlling the light. It was a fun night!


  1. Hi Catherine.. Love your hats.. do you think they would appeal to twenty year olds??

  2. jontina,
    Thanks for the compliment on my hats!

    I have been selling these hats for many years. When I did shows in central KY, in a town with a community college, I sold hats to both college-age men & women.