Friday, May 6, 2011

Hormel Turkey Pepperoni

I love pepperoni, but not the greasy taste of regular. This turkey pepperoni has a great flavor, but isn't greasy. I put 17 slices(a serving size) on a Carb Chopper tortilla with a slice of cheese & warm it up in the microwave. I then put a line of Ken's Steakhouse Blue Cheese dressing(product review on this later)done the center & enjoy!. This pepperoni is also good as a spicy "condiment" in salads, soups & other bland dishes.

~I had nothing planned for today but to find carnations for a good price for handing out at church on Sunday for Mother's Day. It turned out that the first place I went Candelaria Albertsons, had them for 3 for $12. Most bunches had 7,but I was able to find 4 bunches with 8. I was able to get 89 carnations, in different colors, for $48! I took them up to the church, put them in water & called Anne to let her know. She said it was a good price! My "chore" for the day was done by 9:15 a.m.

~I went to the Family Thrift Center(nothing) & Goodwill. I found a platter in a style pattern that Mom Dee had a few dishes of & a green glass egg tray, both for $5! I will post picturtes at a later time.

~I made a Flapper Beanie in RHS Coffee/RHS Cherry Chip, a Barstow Hat in RHS Coffee/unknown Taupe/unknown Olive. I also worked on scrap granny squares.

~We had grilled hotdog wraps for supper.

~I worked on the Green/Tan/Blue lap blanket. I need to come up with a name for this multicolor.

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