Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lap Blanket

Paint Chip granny square lap blanket. It has 61 different colors(including the edging)!

~At the office, I worked on bulletins, prayers of the people, printed out a welcome letter, helped Fr. Jim take down the FPU banner, helped Ms. Jeannine with the Narthex bulletin board. I asked for next Wed/Thu off for classes & it was granted. I will just work all day on Mon/Tue, which will be 16 hours for the week, with 2 more to be made up somewhere else.

~I pulled out yarn for a new lap blanket. I chose an unknown multicolor in camel/green/country blue/white, adding unkown camel & RHS Spa Blue(slightly lighter than the RHS Country Blue). It will be the granny square style. I started the squares with 1 round in Camel & 3 rounds in the multicolor. I will continue with these until I run out of multicolor & then I will go from there.

~I made Mike a chicken bacon cheese wrap for supper. I had a pepperoni/cheese wrap.

~We watched Serenity, one of our Top 10 favs! Shiny!!

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