Monday, August 15, 2011

By chance...

...these flowers came up last year near the place where an old bird feeder was. This year,there are 4 plants, last year 1 plant. I would be happy if they took over the whole back wall!!

~I stopped by Big Lots(granola bars, potato chips-not for eating-)before heading up to the church to load bags at the Food Pantry. Chuck is still not feeling well. I also called in payroll & sorted mail.

~I got a few groceries at Albertsons & Dollar Tree didn't have my PB cookie mix! I dropped mail off at Susans.

~I quickly glanced through the dresses at Goodwill, but at $7.49, it would have to be SPECTACULAR!! I tried on dresses at the Family Thrift Center for 2 hours before finally settling on a skirt/t-shirt combo in a shorter(just below the knee instead of ankle-length) & a lower V-neck shirt for the wedding on Saturday. Still looks like me,but slightly more sophisticated. Mike said it looked good!

~I made Mike hotdog cheesy wrap for supper.

~I stared a doily for a wedding gift, my tradition,LOL.

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