Monday, August 8, 2011

Prayer Shawl

Diamond Prayer Shawl in Teal (closer in shade to the color dot) for St. Mary's Prayer Shawl Ministry.

~Chuck called last night & is not feeling well, so i loaded the bags at the Food Pantry alone. I stopped by the Family Thrift Center, but didn't get anything. I dropped Mike's coffee off, which he forgot this morning. My final stop was mailing off a package & when I came out of the post office, my Jeep wouldn't start! I had to call Mike to to try & jump me, but it still wouldn't start. He took the battery back to work with him & drove me home.

~I made Granola Muffins, but got distracted by sweeping the floor & left the first batch in the pan too long after taking them out of the oven & now they are just granola. The other batch was okay. I also ironed some shirts & made bacon.

~I made a few 1-round granny squares & that was it.

~When Mike came home, he picked up a few tools & we went back up to the post office to pick up my Jeep. It still would not turn over with the charged battery. Mike jumped it & let it roll back a bit to start it.

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