Friday, August 19, 2011


Potato Chip Cookies-not too sweet, like a pecan sandie, with a chip after taste. Made fresh this morning!!

~I swept the floors while my cookies were baking.

~I mailed off a package at the post office, did some DOK work at the office & picked up a food bag. I did some business at the bank, picked up a few groceries & delivered the food bag. I tried on 2 shirts & a pair of pants at the Family Thrift Center, but they didn't fit right. I took S'more Brownies to the Napa Boys.

~Back home, I made a Sedona hat in HL ILTY Camouflage & another Sedona hat in HL ILTY Black/Camouflage.

~I made Mike a chicken cheese wrap for supper.


  1. The chip aftertaste doesn't sound very tasty... but I do love pecan sandies. Interesting recipe.

  2. Jenn, Those who have tried them liked them alot. I got comments such as "good texture", "like a shortbread cookie".