Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I made roast beef/veggie cream cheese/wheat tortilla pinwheels for the party tonight.
~At work, I mailed bills, worked on bulletins & PoP. Vicki gave me a few hints at Coffee Hour as to making my Chocolate cookies more moist.
~At home, I made Apple Craisin Pecan salad & cut the pinwheels into 1" rounds.
~Thursday Date Nite was moved to tonight. I found another disadvantage to a smaller 3 1/2"-barrel gun. Class 3 malfunctions(empty shell not ejected from chamber)cannot be cleared without running a screwdriver down the barrel to remove the cartridge. But, I did 2 perfect head shots at 25 yards & did 1.68 on the 3-yard drill.
~We did got to a St. Patrick's Day party for about an hour. I took the pinwheels, apple salad & chocolate mint brownies.

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