Thursday, March 25, 2010


Granola Snack Cakes-I tweaked my Granola Muffin recipe by substituting 1/4 cup honey for 1/4 cup of the Splenda. They are more moist & chewy!

~I had the morning to myself at work, so I made my alterations to the Palm Sunday bulletins. Fr. Jim liked my changes. I also printed out bulletins for a memorial service tomorrow, helped Julie distribute 16 bags at the food pantry(she is well enough after her knee surgery to resume the food pantry shopping),did final corrections to the 2nd Quarter calender & added a kid's crossword puzzle to the newsletter(thanks,rn. mom!). It was a busier than ususal Thursday!
~I dropped off Granola Cakes for the Napa Boys.
~No new attendees to Date Nite from last weeks Draw Class. The Kahr K9 feels like a .22 comared to the Kahr K40! We did multiples & El Presidentes. I need to work on combat reloads(turn my wrist too much).

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