Monday, March 29, 2010

Not selling,but still making!

Out West Hat-Wenatchee in Gray Heather/Cool Pearls. During the warmer months, I normally sell 2-3 hats a month,enough to keep my Ebay store open,until around September.

~After Big Lots, I helped Chuck load 16 bags at the food pantry. I called in payroll, printed out the nesletter pages and stuffed Easter eggs for the hunts on Sunday.

~I got groceries at WMS & Smith's.

~After putting groceries away, I used a confetti cake mix to make 9 small bundt cakes & 12 tartlets. They will be dressed up & sold at the bake sale on Sunday.

~I made Mike a bacon cheese burger sammie for supper while I had gumbo & multigrain tortilla chips.

~I finished the Cream/Green/Blue round ripple lap blanket.


  1. I love confetti cake mix! Have you ever tried making cake mix cookies? My favorite is out of the confetti mix, but you can use any, and add whatever you want (spice cake with nuts is good). I think the recipe is on the box, but you add 2 eggs and 1/3 cup of oil and roll into balls and bake at 400 (I think) for 6-8 min (they shouldn't brown). They are wonderful with their built in sprinkles and so easy and tasty!

  2. Cynthia,this is my first time using confetti cake mix. It is very fun! I normally bake from scratch,but will try the cake mix cookies when we have another bake sale.