Friday, March 5, 2010

Americans Safer

"The Districtof Columbia's murder rate plummeted by an astounding 25% last year, much faster than for the US as a whole or for similiarly sized cities." John Lott on Big Government

~I went to Smith's to get groceries for the food pantry. I also went to a different Dollar Tree than I usually do & was glad to see they still had the 2 for $1 condensed soups we use for the food pantry. I took the groceries to the church & put them away.

~I went home & put my groceries away then went back out.

~At Goodwill, I got 3 T-shirts. At Family Thrift Center I got 1 T-shirt. I had Taco Bell for lunch.

~I made Turtle "Jonina" in unknown Verbena(shaded from medium purple,pink & pale gray)/Medium Purple.

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