Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hat & Scarf Sold!!

Sedona Hat in Camo/Blaze sold to Bettina in KY.
Boa Scarf in Mossy Greens sold to Connie in OR.

~The Bonahooms were already at the office when I arrived,doing collection summaries. They both said we had bulletins at last-years picnic. When I pulled it up on the computer, it looked like a regular 10:30am bulletin,which makes no sense,because we won't be taking prayer books or hymnals to the park! So,I spent the morning basicly making a bulletin,adding 4 extra pages,with the text of the readings,psalm,order of mass along with the normal announcements,collection summary,calender,etc. I will be adding one small insert with the words of the opening & closing hymn,which us 4:30pm singers will lead. I wrote a few letters, worked on other bulletins & PoP.
~I finished the ILTY Dark Navy Durango hat,but still need to add buttons.
~Mike closed the store. We had PB/AB wraps for supper. We like the Knudsen's no-sugar-added apple butter.