Saturday, September 11, 2010


Always be aware of your surroundings.
Keep your eyes open to USO(unusual-suspicious-out of the ordinary).

~Mike left his phone at home, so I dropped it off before heading to the Family Thrift Center. I got a metal napkin holder & a bag of wooden clothespins(you'll find out why later).

~I spent 2 hours at Prayer Shawl Ministry with Anne Malmstrom. I joined together 10 Stained Glass granny squares.

~Back home, I made a Sedona hat with the crown being RHS Lavender, the sides being LB Homespun Windsor(lavender,medium blue & cool green) with a stripe & flower pin in Lavender. I started a Boa Scarf in Trendsetter Vintage Jewels/Wintuk Turquoise Teal.

~I attended music practice & loaded 3 music stands in my Jeep for the picnic tomorrow.

~I finished the Boa Scarf.

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