Saturday, September 4, 2010



~I attended Daughters of the King. While we were there, Scott & his son,who help maintain the growns, had the lawnmower send a small rock into the window of a parish hall door. It is double pane,so it only spider-webbed the outside window. I call both the Jr. Warden(gone rock-climbing) & the Treasurer to let them know. Chuck is gone on vacation, so I went ahead & loaded the Food Pantry bags.

~I made a toddler hat using the Sedona Hat pattern, but only 5 rounds on the crown before starting the sides,in Jiffy Baby Blue/unknown Brown/Patons Diana Taupe. It's adorable!

~I attended music practice,leving a bit early.

~I went to Sara & Patrick's for a Labor Day cookout. I brought cole slaw,Sun chips & Orange Craisin coconut bars. Mike came around 5:20pm,after he got off work. It was a fun evening!


  1. Thanks,Niki & Tennyemaye!

    The pattern can be found at Lion Brand yarn.
    Amigurumi Kitty