Monday, September 27, 2010

Scarf & Hat Sold!!

Girly Hat in Sunwashed/Orchid/Fern sold to Nancy in PA
Boa Scarf in Jewels/Turquoise sold to Blanca in FL

~Happy Birthday to ME!!
~I went up to the church to call in payroll, then left for my dr's appointment. Nothing is wrong, just an annual physical, a script for a mammogram & orders for bloodwork. This is a new dr for me & I like him. He's a gun guy!
~I went back to work around 11:30am. Fr Jim & Ms Jeannine sang "Happy Birthday" to me & gave me a card, small chocolate cake & a pair of silver dangle earrings. They are so sweet! I made edits to the newsletters, printed out rough drafts of 10/03 bulletins & drafted a new Parish Census form,which will be placed in the newsletter.
~Back home, I made a pan of chocolate brownies.
~Mike closed the store,with his highest number of invoices to date!
~I worked on the Sunshine Diamond prayer shawl at the dr's office & in the evening. Looks like one more days work & it will be done.