Friday, September 24, 2010


Zucchini Coconut Muffinette

~I made a batch of Chocolate Oatmeal cookies with Peanut Butter chips. I packaged up 2 dozen for Convention. I used, what I thought was a candy pan(shallow 24-count Wilton pan),put it made perfect cookies! I made 2 cookie sheets in that size, one 24-count of mini muffin size & there was enough dough leftover for 6 regular cookies.

~I put the harness'/leashes on Jake & Penny & took them for a walk around the block,just to see how they would do for blessing on Sunday. They did pretty good!

~I dropped off the cookies at the Parish Hall & found the air on & a picture of our friend, Lori's parents on the table. I called Anne and found out Lori's step-dad had passed away & the reception was to be held in the Parish Hall. I went to the office & sent out bulletin emails, which I forgot on Thursday & printed out a map to the Hunter residence.

~At Goodwill, I found Mike a winter cover shirt, a blue leather belt for me & a package of misc cards.

~At the Family Thrift Center, I got a skirt(1/2-price!) & a tweed blazer.

~I got to the Hunter's on time at 1:30pm,even though I got slightly lost on the way. I was there for a while, learning waht to do for Callie cat(who I never saw!), the watering system for the outside bushes & the alarm system.

~I attended the reception for Lori's step-father.

~Mike closed the store. I made him PB/AB wrap for supper.

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