Friday, September 17, 2010

Same Rights

~Even though he's on vacation, Mike went into work today.

~I watered the trees & finished weeding the west 20 at church.

~I went to 3 trhift stores & found nothing. I did get a book & dress hangers at 2 yardsales which just happened to be on the way between the post office(mailed off the Prayer Shawl to AL)& Albertson's.

~Back home, I made Turtle Brownies. I picked up some milk chocolate brownie mix at the grocery store, a different brand than I normally use, & they aren't as "fudgey". I'll try the dark chocolate ones next time. I also made a Spinach Sausage casserole for Sunday's potluck.

~I took the Turtle Brownies down to the Napa Boys.

~Mike closed the store. I made him a PB/AB wrap for supper.

~I added 5 more squares to the Stained Glass granny lap blanket.

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