Monday, September 20, 2010

May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, Psalm 67:1

~I stopped at Big Lots(bleach & plastic spoons)before heading up to the church to help Chuck load bags at the Food Pantry. I also picked up bulletins.

~Mike & I planned an all-day shopping trip to look for bras(I HATE it!), but found some at Walmart that fit PERFECTLY!! I was so excited!!

~I dropped Mike off at home then went back out to Goodwill where I found a little jug that says "Mountain Dew" on it,like a moonshine jug. The cool thing is on the bottom,someone had written "Great Smoky Mountains-1959". It's neat to think of someone from NM going to TN & how different the 2 places are. I didn't find anything at the Family Thrift Center.

~We did laundry & I started a Diamond Prayer Shawl in Caron Sunshine. It is certainly a cheerful color!

~I made a Sedona Hat in RHS Ranch Red/Autumn Sunset fun fur band. It's adorable!

~We had pizza for supper.

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  1. I also HATE bra shopping! but a necessary evil I guess.
    I just saw a show called "The Last One" an Emmy award-winning film by NEAL HUTCHESON featuring POPCORN SUTTON, JB RADER on my local PBS was about making moonshine, I missed the first 15 minutes of it but it was really cool. They had lots of mountain music, including an awesome rendition of "Moutain Dew" - they even had a young girl probably 14-17 (she was even wearing braces on her teeth) playing guitar and fiddle with the old codgers! Very cool!
    My kids never heard of "Mountain Dew" except as a soda! Now they know about another kind of mountain dew! Enjoy your jug!