Friday, November 20, 2009

Lap Blanket

Patriotic round ripple lap blanket for the VA hospital.

~I left the house around 8am,to get everything done early.I knew it was too early for the WMS pharmacy to be open, so I stopped at Target.I found a 4-qt Crock Pot($3-off!)in a most pretty red.This is my first one!I also picked up 2 pair of kids gloves for the Woolly Tree & a pair of snowflake socks for me.

~I picked up a prescription and got groceries at WMS.I know I normally get groceries on Mondays,but with Thanksgiving next week,I'm working next Mon/Tues/Wed,instead of the ususal Tues/Wed/Thur.Plus,I wanted to make sure and get the things I needed for Friday Thanksgiving dinner.

~Back home,after putting groceries away,I made 2 deep-dish Oatmeal Pies.It must be a different recipe than mom's because my oatmeal/coconut didn't float to the top & made a pecan pie-look crust.Hopefully,they will taste okay for the STEG pie sale.

~I also make a batch of sour cream corn muffins,since my sour cream was set to expire tomorrow.I freezed them.

~I made a pair of special-order Mitts in LB VC Rust, a BoB in sparkle Blue & a rose pin in Black wrapped in a shiny green/red/gold strand.I remember this particular yarn from years ago,but it had no label.

~I made a frozen pizza for supper.It was good!

~I started a Prayer Shawl in RHS Rose Pink.I'm just starting from the center,working out,in an alternating dc/mesh pattern using a K hook.

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