Monday, November 16, 2009

Scarf Sold!!

I sold a Neckwarmer in Eggplant to Erin in WA.
~Chuck is on vacation this week,so I got up to the church around 8:50am & loaded 20 bags.I took 4 bags to the conference room(in case someone comes by during the week).I printed out address labels while I was there for the Stewardship drive.
~I came back to Big Lots(sugar-free peanut butter),the Red Cross Thrift Store(bag ofyarn),Smith's(yogurt & fruit waters),Michael's(yarn for special-order project),Hobby Lobby(didn't have the yarn for the other special-order project)& Dollar Tree(small pans for making crustless,sugar-free pumpkin pies).
~Mike had called needing a phone number from a pamphlet on his desk,so I stopped by the house,dropped off the yogurt,picked up the number & dropped it off at Napa.I got afternoon sugars!
~I got groceries at Walmart Supercenter.
~I worked on a Artisan Scarf in LB Homespun Fawn & Quartz.I will be adding other colors,but keeping Fawn as the main color.
~We had bacon cheeseburger sammies for supper.

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