Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hat Sold!!

I sold a Cheyenne Hat in Silver/Cowboy Blue to Jackie in TX.

~I put together plates of ham & cheeses for Coffee Hour.

~I started a Roseburg Hat in LB CottonEase Cherry Red.

~Jim & I ushered at the 10:30am service. I co-hosted Coffee Hour afterwards with Ms. Mary Helen.

~Back home, I painted my toenails "Unforgettable Red" & worked on the Cherry hat.

~I picked up Mike from work at 3pm & we helped at Concealed-Carry class. Ray had a new tiny video camera & it was interesting to see myself on video drawing my weapon. I saw that I need to work on getting my hands together sooner.


  1. oh wow. you have a "mike" too. lol. It's an old joke in our family, I thought it was limited to our family (my hyperactive little brother goes by that name too) until someone sent me a sticker in email that says, "Friends don't let friends date guys named Mike" . My boyfriend of four years is named Mike. lol. I know a slew of other Mikes too and they all live up to the reputation of their name Mike. My friend has three ex-boyfriends named Mike. Yikes. The latest one is called "gut". Yea. I said, Holly, didn't that fact that his own mother nicknamed him "gut" tell you something about this guy?? lol.
    I don't know your Mike but I'm sure he's as special as the Mike I have now. He's very giving of himself to help other people - all the time - for nothing in return. He's really one of a kind.
    Oh yea, - I love the photo ad above (shooters). That's the way I think it should be but it's so nice to have a man around willing to protect me and not hurt me. =)

  2. I love my "Mike". He is sweet,but can take care of business,if need be. All the church ladies love him,too!