Thursday, April 8, 2010

Neckwarmer sold!

I sold a Neckwarmer in Spice to Kayce in TX.

~At work, I printed out liturgical readings & bullitins, having them folded in in the church by 11am. I did a walk-around with the fire extinguisher guy & learned a few more things about the buildings. 1pm St. Elizabeth's Guild meeting. We will be hosting the Food Fair in December! Fr. Jim let me go home at my regular time since I had all my work done for the week. He did call me later,around 4pm,asking about papers that needed to be signed.

~After changing my clothes,I spent about 20 minutes practicing combat reloads.It must have worked because,at Date Nite, I had a better reload time,which Randy noted. We did "small" shooting,focusing on accuracy at small targets at close range,which I am the best at in the whole class. Mike had problems with his 1911,so spent the last half of class shooting the Kahr .40. It was a great night!

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