Thursday, April 1, 2010


Personal protection is a right enjoyed by all,no matter race/religion/gender. Something we can all agree on!

~There were so many last-minute Holy Week things to do, I had to have Chuck & Julie help me fold the 10:30am bulletins. I also typed out 2 baptismal cards(one right on the third try,the other right on the second try). The Easter lilies arrived! 3 weeks worth of recyclables is heavy.

~I dropped off Cocoa Peanut Butter chip cookies for the Napa Boys.

~Home, I swept the floors. So waiting for the grass to turn green!

~Date Nite was back to basics. I don't know if it's beacause the 9mm feels different than the .40, but my grip was not right. It did get better the more I practiced.

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