Saturday, April 24, 2010

If you seek peace,...

...prepare for war. You have to decide if you will be prepared or be a victim.

~I went out around 8:30am to yardsale by myself. I got a bowl for 25cents(now I can throw away the chip one!) & a Wilton pan that makes nine mini-loafs. Two baking pans in 2 days must mean baking is what I'm destined to do! I alos got 3 boxes of All Bran crackers at Albertson's. If you haven't tried these, you should!

~Back home, I finished the Tutti Frutti Turtle "Marlisa", made a Cheyenne Hat in LB Homespun Barley/CSS Autumn Red rose pin & worked on scrap granny squares the rest of the afternoon.

~I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger sammie for supper.

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