Sunday, April 18, 2010


A shotgun is awesome for home defense. It is allowed in many places where a handgun isn't.

~Around 8:30am, Mike & I went to Smith's for a few groceries.

~We spent the rest of the morning just piddlin. Mike deprimed some brass & I finished the boa scarf. It has no name colors yet.

~At 11am, Susan & Wyatt came over. We spent a couple hours at the range. I handled Mike's small rvolver,learning how to hold/reload it. It is small & kicks ALOT! Wyatt's bigger revolver was easier to shoot,but too big to conceal. I will stick with my K9. It was a fun afternoon!

~I named the Boa Scarf "Treasure Chest". It is a mix of homespun-style yarn graduating from light gray to black,held together with a tweed of blue-green with slubs of blue from light to dark. It is a very interesting scarf!

~We attended 4:30pm Contemporary Service,followed by a potluck supper. Good times singing "I'll Fly Away".

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