Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flatout flatbread

These flatbreads are our substitute for bread(can't remember the last time we bought a loaf!). We use them for breakfast(wrapped around our omelet), for lunch(with peanut butter/apple butter, ham/cheese, etc) & supper(with burgers or chicken). They stay soft when microwaved & get crunchy when you grill them in a skillet. They come in different flavors(we also use the original, light original & foldit 5-grain flax), but the ones pictured above are our fav!

~I attended Prayer Shawl Ministry, picking up some yarn for a Diamond shawl.

~I dropped off both Granola Muffins & Peanut Butter Crispies for the Napa Boys. Bryan is allergic to bananas & Joe is allergic to coconut, so the reason for both.

~Back home, I made Orange Crasin Coconuttys.

~I made a Boa Scarf in CSS Blue Mint/Caron Feathers Night heron. I also made two toddler hats with the CSS Blue Mint-boys held together with fingering Navy & girls held together with fingering White. I ran out of the Blue Mint on the girl hat, so the last 3 rows are CSS White/fingering White.

~I attended music practice.

~We had grilled hotdog wraps for supper.

~I finished off the Tropical granny blanket with a round of sc in Cream.

~We watched Resident Evil-Extinction. Alyce's outfit is an option for halloween this year.

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