Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hat Sold!!

Sedona Hat in Oxford Gray/Rose Heather sold to Carol in MO

~Super busy at the office! Along with bulletins, I worked on Vestry/Committee lists. I made copies of a booklet for Vestry. Fred came in with some updates to the Bylaws. I also worked on the newsletter. I had planned on having a copy ready for edits, but Fr. Jim put together a cabinet & didn't get his article done. I will probably spend some time on Monday working on it.

~Date Nite: I have my Kahr K9 back & it is sweet! I did have a class-2 malfunction(brass not ejected from the chamber), but it was sidewayus & not sticking up, so I did a class-3 malfunction clearing(locking back the slide,ripping out the magazine). After warmup, we did malfunction drills & reload drills. After break, we did we did timed shooting. I am 1.5 at 3-yds, 1.7 at 5-yds & 1.9 at 7-yds. AWESOME!!

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