Thursday, February 3, 2011

How fair...

Let us protect ourselves!

~Mike drove me to work. At the office, I printed/folded/stuffed bulletins for Sunday & a memorial service Friday. I used my new typewriter. It's like butter! Troy came in for Brotherhood stuff,then shoveled the sidewalk.

~Date Nite: The heater was not working in the small range! It was cold,so we all spent the evening drawing from cover(which I always do anyway). It turns out that my old brown biker coat allows full extension! I almost got rid of it last year because it is too short to use as a cover garment, but works good with my denin vest. Anyway, after warmups, we did reloading drills & timed drills. I am still getting better at the reloads & still fast on first shot, around 1.5 at the 3yd line & around 1.8 at the 7yd line. The boys enjoyed the Granola Muffins!

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