Thursday, February 24, 2011


Check out Clara's Crochet Room! You will find the pattern for this cute Ribbed Tweedy Tote.

~Mike & me went to the office early to collate,staple,fold,tape,address & stamp the newsletter. We finished right as Fr. Jim got in. With just a few edits to the bulletins, they were printed/folded/inserted in no time! I worked on the zip code list(boy,does this fry my brain!) as well as a few letters & typing tags for files.

~Date Nite-Warmups followed by timed-shooting from 3,5 & 7yds. I am the same as last time(1.5 at 3, 1.7 at 5 & 1.9 at 7),but I had my fastest reload ever at 2.27. It was like buttah! We did some shooting on the move going forward at 3 targets. We haven't done this in quite a while, so the first time, I wasn't close enough to the targets before shooting, but the second time was great! Fun night!!

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