Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hat & Scarf Sold!!

Special-order Girly Hat in Grey Heather/Turquoise sold to Treena in VA

Boa Scarf in Buff/Russet sold to Mary in MI

~Mike forgot to shut off the alarm clock,so I got up at 4:30 a.m.! He drove me to work.

~Only one person showed up for 10am service, so I attended. Norm didn't come in to pay bills until 11:30am. He had a frozen water pump on his house heater! I mailed bills, worked on the Parochial Report, made edits on the bulletins and PoP. Mike picked me up.

~I made Mike a chicken bacon cheese wrap for supper.

~I worked on the Tropical lap blanket.

~We watched Man on Fire. It was more graphic than we usually watch, but was pretty good.

"There is no such thing as tough. There is trained and untrained. Now which are you?"

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