Friday, January 8, 2010

Quilt & Rocker

The little rocking chair(just the right size for Teagan!)was purchased at a yard sale last year for $10,which seemed like alot to me at the time,but I liked the dark color. Mom later said it was a good deal! The little patchwork quilt,about 36" square,I got back in December for $5. I used it as a skirt for the base of the Christmas tree.To me,these 2 items say "country"!

~I made a new cookie, Chocolate with Peanut Butter Chips, using a recipe I found online. I have found it useful to also look at the comments left by othesr,to see how theirs turned out. I used a combo of Crisco & butter, equal amounts of wheat & white flour, extra vanilla and 3/4 c Splenda & 1/4 c brown sugar. These have to be the BEST cookies I have ever tasted!! They are tasty,with a light texture,not hard,slightly chewy.AWESOME!!

~After lunch,I went to downtown Big Lots,getting nail polish(I love to paint my toes all-year round!),zipper storage bags. At Savers, I got a prairie skirt(tiers of black/cream check & black/cream/green/blue/red/tan plaid)& a short sleeve blouse(shades of turquoise with cream & tan).

~Back home,I finished the TLCE Water Lily Octopus & made another one in French Country(yellow,periwinkle blue & white). I also used the French Country to make a stained glass granny square.

~We had bacon chicken cheese sammies for supper.


  1. all that picture needs is a child and a book