Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hats Sold!!

I sold a Kalispell Hat in Blue Ice/Espresso & a Girly Hat in Black/Red to Lynette in CA.

I sold a Wenatchee Hat in Black/Yellow Smilies to Laura in OR.
~I was getting ready to go to work & couldn't find my truck keys(which also have my work keys on the ring)! I called Mike to check if I had left them on the dashboard of his truck.Nope!He brought his set so I could go to work.Chuck had just arrived when I got to work & he let me in.I had left my keys on my desk,I think,when I picked up a plant to carry outside with me yesterday.Duh!The rest of the day was normal.We gave away 12 bags at the food pantry.I printed/folded bulletins.
~Date Nite was awesome!There were 10 people,so we got to shoot alot.I started out not so good(had been almost 2 weeks since our last shoot),but got better after warming up.Did good with my first shot(2.5-2.0 sec)& my hits were good(center mass & head).We did swing drills & reloads n the move.So much fun & educational at the same time!

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