Monday, January 11, 2010

Hats & Scarves Sold!!

Cheyenne hat in Charcoal Tweed/Turquoise
Timberon Hat in Buff/Sedona.
Wenatchee hat in Cocoa/Cherry Chip.
Boa scarf in Shades of Gray.
Boa/Hat set in Fireberry.
~I sold all of the above to Donna in OH.
~I mailed off crochet stuff & stopped at Big Lots before heading to the Food Pantry to help Chuck load bags.
~I stopped at Hobby Lobby for LB Homespun Nouveu yarn for a special-order boa/hat set.
~I got crackers at Albertson's & the rest of the groceries at Walmart Supercenter.
~After putting groceries away & having lunch,I stopped at Dollar Tree & Michael's,where I picked up a skein of RHS Zebra for a special-order boa/hat set.
~Back home,I made a special-order Cheyenne Hat in RHS Black/RH Hokey Pokey Tweed Charcoal.I used the last of the Black skin for a granny square.
~Mike had to work until closing,6pm,but didn't get home until 6:45pm.He said he had the most invoices ever since working at Napa.I made him a bacon cheeseburger sammie for supper.

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