Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wire Chicken Basket

Wire Chicken Basket($1.50 thrift shop)holding 2 Ukranian painted wooden eggs(exchanged for a boa scarf).

~I made a tray of raisin bread cream cheese little sandwiches for the brunch.

~I went to the Daughters of the King meeting at 9:15am.We celebrated the Ephiphany with a mass in the library conducted by Fr. Jim.We then had a potluck brunch.It was good!

~I went to Hobby Lobby(nothing),Goodwill(tiny bourbon bottle & cup/saucer set) & the Family Thrift Center(nothing)before going home.

~After sweeping the floors,I started a Round Ripple lap blanket in Winter White,Baby Yellow & Yellow.

~I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger sammie for supper.

~We watched Gran Torino.It was awesome!


  1. Yes, Gran Torino was awesome! My dad thinks he is a lot like Clint Eastwoods character! Plus he had a Gran Torino when I was a small girl! It is nice to hear about the couple activities you do together! I look forward to hearing about your daily activities throughout the year.

  2. LOL,Mike says I'm alot like the character,being blunt & to the point about things.