Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hats Sold!!

Sedona Hat in Twilight Mauve/Raven sold to Shari in NC.
Durango Hat in Cafe/Turquoise sold to Jamie in NC.
Roseburg Hat in Prairie Sky/Dried Grass sold to Patrice in KS.
Roseburg Hat in Cherry/Dark Plum sold to Kyla in TX.
~Awesome morning for hat sales!!
~Busy at work!Along with the normal edit/print/fold/inserting of bulletins, I did some more work on the newsletter & printed off a copy for editing. I discovered at the Vestry meeting that we are Community Partners with Albertsons(they donate to the church when our parishioners purchase groceries),so I did a little write up in the newsletter,printed out temporary scan stubs & ordered permanet key rings. I learned from more than one person that we used to have this program,but were told it was cancelled! Julie brought me a zucchini.
~I dropped of Chocolate Jubilee cookies for the Napa boys.
~I made a Tweed Skulie in CSS Grey Heather/Phildar Pronostic(sport acrylic & wool-from Anne Malmstrom)Light Pine. This made a big hat(25"-27") for guys with huge heads or lots of hair. I plan to make more.
~Mike closed the store. We had PB/AB wraps for supper.
~I finished the Checkerboard lap blanket.

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