Thursday, July 8, 2010


Blondies with Rainbow Mini Kisses-if I make these again, I will sprinkle the chips on top.

~When I got to work, I discovered that my water bottle had come uncapped inside my purse & half of it spilled inside. My phone no longer works right. Everything else dried out. Print/fold/stuff Sunday bulletins. I did Food Pantry by myself(both Chuck & Julie are on vacation) & gave away 10 bags. I made a grocery list of needed items.

~I dropped off Peanut Butter Blondies for the Napa Boys.

~Date Nite:There were 16 "gunslingers",2 new ones from last weeks class,so we did alot of timed drills. It does make a difference leaving your finger on the trigger & riding the reset for the second shot. I need to trust that I'm on target & just pull the trigger when I see the sights. I'm the most accurate in the class,just need to speed it up!

~My phone is working!


  1. Put youre phone in rice for a few days, and then try it out. THe rice absorbs the water, it might help, worth a try at least!

  2. Last night,around 8pm,I check my phone & it was working! I have posted your comment about the rice,maybe it will help others. Thanks!!