Saturday, July 17, 2010

Turtle Sold!

I sold Turtle "Burnell" to Mark in OR.

~Susan & I went yardsaling. We picked up some socks & pants for 4T for a friend of ours who works in a daycare. I also got a skein of yarn(8oz RH $2) & a MiniCrock(.75). We had lunch at Just Muffin Around. The Green Chile Stew was hot & the Chocolate Peanut Butter muffin was yummy!

~I went up to the church early to help set up for the reception with the Hospitality Committee(Jan,Lucy,Anne). All the tables were up & there was just a few last-minute things(cutting up cheese,transferring cookies to trays,etc) that needed to be done. I attended the memorial service for Ms Patti. I stayed after the reception to help clean up.

~I worked on the Colorblock lap blanket.

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