Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hats Sold!!

Sedona Hat in Warm Brown/Dark Plum sold to Charlotte in CA.
Cheyenne Hat in Homespun Red/Black sold to Charlotte in CA.
Cheyenne Hat in Country Print/Windsor Blue sold to Maretta in CT.
Roseburg Hat in Azalea/Dove sold to Lisa in FL.
~Another great morning for hat sales!
~I did laundry & made a special-order Durango Hat in RHS Black.
~It started raining hard around 2pm, with the signal gone on the satellite & the electricity going off for a few seconds.
~I attended music practice. I practiced "Here I Am to Worship" & may sing it tomorrow during communion with Josh. My heart was beating so hard,I could hardly breathe!
~We had PB/AB wraps for supper.
~We attended a Tupperware party at Anne's house hosted by Kristen.

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