Thursday, July 22, 2010

...who formed the mountains by your power having armed yourself with strength...Psalm 65:6

Carson National Forest

~Mike actually has a real day off!
~Work was super-busy!Just a lot of little tthings to do,extra letters to mail out along with normal bills. Norm brought me a chocolate muffin! Coffe Hour was a small group,but fun talk about farm life from several people. Rough drafts of bulletins & PoP.
~After changing clothes & cutting up brownies, Mike & I stopped by Charlie's Sporting Goods to look at 1911's. I liked the grip on one that the barrel was too short, but liked the weight of one with a too-long barrell.
~Date Nite-I could tell as soon as we started warm-up drills that I am over the mental barrier of trying to make my shots hit in a small area(3x5) instead of a larger area(6x8). Randy,our instructor,was very impressed. We also did reloading drills(cut my finger on a mag!) and shooting with our eyes closed,so we can "listen" to what the gun is saying to us. We also lined up the sights,then closed our eyes & did 3 shots. Both times I did this,my shots were in a 3" circle,which means I have the right hand/body alignment. Oh,everybody LOVED the Chocolate Brownies with Chocolate icing!

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