Friday, September 25, 2009

Almost true!

Last night,around 12am,Jake started barking his head off.Mike went to investigate(with his 1911) & saw a man outside.When Mike pulled the side curtain of the front window back,the man shined a flashlight in the window.Mike told him to get the light out of his face.When the man did,he saw it was an APD officer.He was looking for the APD officer who moved 4 houses up from us last week.I was in the hallway,with my Kahr K40 at low-ready.It was scary & took us about an hour to calm back down.But,we were more prepared with the classes we had been taking.

~Hike to Shelter Rock,still cool but no wind.

~I had a Daughters of the King training class with Ms Edla at 9:30am.I got there early & dug weeds from the church parking lot.The meeting went well.

~I dropped off a dozen mixed baked good for the Napa boys.

~After lunch,I made a Little Octopus in Lemonade.This looks to be vintage Caron Dazzleaire with the slight sparkle/fuzz.

~I added a row to the Aphrodite shawl & worked on scrap granny squares.

~We had bacon cheeseburger sammies for supper.

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