Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lap Blanket

Stained Glass Granny Squares

~Hike to Coffee Rock.The sky was awesome with all the stars & planets.

~I took Granola muffin tops to the Napa boys.

~After church,I stayed for quite a while,talking with various people.Anne showed me the basement room where the Young Adults(18-30) bible study is held.

~I went to WMS & picked up a prescription.

~Back home,I gathered trash & had lunch.

~I made Turtle "Clair" in Lemonade/Orange.

~We had chicken bacon chees sammies for supper.

~I finished skein # 3 on the Butterscotch lap blanket.


  1. I love the afghan. What a great use for small bits of yarn.


  2. Thanks,Susan.Each square takes 21 yards of multicolor.