Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Zucchini Bread

~Mike had a final fitting of his upper plate at 7:30am.

~At 10:45am,I went with Mike to a dr appointment.

~While out,I finished the durango Hat in RHS Hot Red,but I haven't sewn buttons on yet.

~I spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon cleaning up email patterns.

~We left the house at 1pm & headed down to the range for Draw Class,which started at 2pm.We learned alot!My Kahr K40 stopped working(looks like the firing pin went bad-will send it to Kahr to repair),so I used the one at the range for rent(they let me use it free!).The instructors said both Mike & I did well.Class ended at 8pm.

~We went by Susie's house to pick up her Kahr K9 which she is letting me borrow for class.She's awesome!

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