Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Never Naked!

You can carry concealed.All it takes is imagination!
Cornered Cat

~I slept badly last night.When Mike came in to wake me up,I just went back to sleep instead of doing my exercises.I felt better after a cup of coffee!

~We went to the UPS store to ship off my Kahr,but were told we had to go to the distribution center,which was down at I-25.We got there 20 minutes before it opened!Once inside,the nice clerk told us it would save $20 if we cut the shipping box down smaller.

~We got groceries at WMS & Costco.

~Susie came by at 12:50pm.We stopped at Shooter's Den for ammo then headed down to Caliber's for some practice.I'm still hitting the target down & right,so I need to learn trigger control.Mike left his 1911 there to get the mods needed to the safety for the Crimson Trace laser.

~We stopped by the Hogan's for Susie to drop off Jenny's keys.Teagan knows how to do a fist bump.She is so cute!

~I spent all the time out & at home putting together Stained Glass granny squares.I ran out of RHS Black with about 10 stitches left to go on the edging!

~We had chicken bacon cheese sammies for supper.

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